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//Title: 'Nervous / Mindless Silence' //Label: @EvolutionChamberOfficial

//Release Date: 10th February 2023

New and Exclusive signing, Ekwols makes his Evolution Chamber debut and he’s feeling ‘Nervous’.

Incandescent with tension and rage, ‘Mindless Silence’ is another provocative, emotionally-charged stomper. A fired-up take on a protest song in solidarity with the civil rights movement, it’s the sound of Ekwols thrashing out his feelings and frustrations in the studio, trying to make sense of a grossly misshapen, greedy and unfair world.

It's a far cry from the world Ekwols wants to see. As his name suggests, Ekwols stands for total and utter equality and inclusivity across the board. And we can expect many more of these type of messages in his music moving forward.

New to Evolution Chamber but not new to the game, Ekwols has had many projects and aliases beyond D&B throughout the 2000s, but this is his most accomplished project so far. Creatively, technically, sonically – Ekwols is the sound of a man who’s spent his life dedicated to music and artistic freedom and fusion. Much more nerve-wracking material is expected to land in the future and we guarantee it will make your palms sweaty and have you weak at the knees. Lose yourself in the music.

//Artwork: Stan Kasian (Algorithm Artwork & Design) //Email:


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